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Person Centred Counselling

Welcome! Are you experiencing personal difficulties and do not know where to turn? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by life, isolated from the world others seem to be living in, or have been carrying a sense of dread, sadness or anger for some time and are now tired of it. I am a trained professional who is positive and passionate about the benefits of counselling, and would relish the opportunity to support you through your difficulties. I would aim to work with you collaboratively to meet your individual needs.

I believe that my effectiveness as a person-centred counsellor stems partly from my own experience of the difficulties and pressures of life. The first step towards achieving growth and wellbeing is to be truly open and honest with yourself, therefore my counselling sessions always take place within a confidential, non-judgemental environment. We can often be afraid of, or confused by our own thought process and keep this buried deep inside. However, our thought process often holds the key to finding our direction in life. While supporting you through counselling sessions, I may challenge your thought process from time to time and will reflect on what I have heard from you, helping you to understand yourself better.

Counselling requires commitment from the client and a willingness to engage with the process. My role in supporting you on your journey is to bring warmth, compassion, and to help you be honest with yourself. Counselling can often be emotionally challenging, but through working together we will gain an insight into who you really are and what is important to you as person. Having a greater understanding of your own perception of life will help you to reveal your wisdom and unique personal qualities. I will be with you on this journey.

As a counsellor and as a person, I recognise that past or present disturbances can be very painful. I feel it is imperative to proceed at a pace with which you are comfortable, and will never push you into exploring any area or issue until you are ready to do so. We will explore life from deep down, in order for you to hear your voice amongst the noise.

Whilst I am an expert in counselling, I am not expert on you. No one can know you the way you really know yourself. I work with each client in a way that encourages them to find their own answers, but will remain with them throughout their journey, helping them to explore and reflect. Through this process, clients gain a better understanding of themselves, and the ability to find answers that are uniquely appropriate to them. I work in this way because I believe that counselling is not a quick fix; rather, it effects a deep and lasting change, giving you the confidence to find your own answers. I have had the privilege of experiencing this process with many of my clients.

If this resonates with you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Counselling for Depression
Counselling for everyone

What is Abuse?

Any behaviour towards someone that causes deliberate harm or upset can be considered abuse. Victims of abuse often feel isolated.

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What is Anger?

Anger is a healthy, natural emotion and a basic, human response to certain experiences. It occurs particularly at times when we are under attack, or feel deceived, insulted or frustrated. Anger also helps to relieve stress, pent-up energy and tension. In certain situations, it increases our energy levels and helps us cope more effectively.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the body's natural response to danger; an automatic alarm that goes off whenever we feel threatened, under pressure, or are facing a stressful situation. In moderation, anxiety is not always a bad thing.

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Bereavement occurs following the death of a loved one and can be an extremely painful process. We are all likely to experience bereavement at some time in our lives, and perhaps more than once.

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Depression is a common condition with both psychological and physical symptoms. We all feel low from time to time. However, if these feelings are interfering with your life and do not recede within a couple of weeks, or if they arise over and over again for a few days at a time, this may be a sign that you are expressing depression.

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Relationships with others are a meaningful part of life, and bring us a great deal of happiness and fulfilment. Human beings are naturally very sociable. We enjoy the company of others and crave positive interactions.

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